Saturday, May 25, 2013

Naked Feet !!!

As usual I was on my way to the office which is barely a five minute walk from the Jangpura Metro Station. And that is when my ever inquisitive eyes notices a small shaggy child of around 8-10 years, with disheveled hair, barely clad and bare footed carrying a big white plastic bag and standing next to well known place “Eros” A movie complex cum food joint (Mc Donald’s). I was trying to figure out what had seized his captivating eyes and then I noticed a small toy shop next to the food joint which had teddies of all sizes and colors and attractive toy cars in the display. And I realized what engrossed him so meditatively. It seemed so ironic and I thought why God has created a world so paradoxical,  on one hand there are those children who have everything at their command be it comfort, coziness or materialistic possessions while on the other there are those who carve for a single meal, there are those who hardly have slippers to protect their naked feet…

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