Friday, October 26, 2012

My So Called Journey

I remember there was a time when I barely had a clear picture about what should I do to get my bread and butter for a healthy living in the near future but now after a long journey in the phase of internship and volunteering has broadened my skills and persona that now I am sure enough that which way I need to begin my new journey.

But from here on all I want and all I wish that I won’t look back, put my best effort with complete sincerity and discipline to carry on my self-confidence on an excellent scale with the bright and continues blessing of GOD.

My last line is entirely and purely devoted to My Family, My Close Friends, My Best Friends, My Friends, and My so called Friends and to those Unknown Faces who really was there for me right through this journey. Love You Guys, Love You So Much...

Toxics Link Internship Day 2

Well no doubt day 2 is quite boring than that compared to day 1, well why I am saying this all is because they're on day 1 I was watching documentaries and called off the day by doing some minor adjustments in Microsoft Word.

But today is quite a different day with hardly a thing to work upon. Sitting on a chair in a library and staring at all these big books on chemical toxicity, e-waste and some decade old magazine makes me feel that I am kind an Alien among some non-living creatures with intentionally or unintentionally asking me for a trouble.

Oops, I am scared but thanks to this "Cup Of Tea" to help me gain some senses to stop thinking like a Psycho.

Hmm back to work :P