Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Not So Known Love Story

Well I didn’t remember the day and time when I first met you but in official terms it was the month of spring, When we officially came closer to each other and from there till now our unnamed relationship has shared a numerous number of crazy fights, undefined love and some more numbers of sweet and sour memories which I felt going to last forever in my memory lane. At times I really feel surprise why we came closer to each other was all that so necessary.

But now things have changed a lot now you have your own ways and I have mine. A few months back “Love was in the Air” I was in love with you and so you were. But then things changed with every passing day, with every passing month they changed drastically and dramatically and then one day you left me shattered by your words “I don’t love you, it’s over and a lot number of excuses” and suddenly I felt cheated Huhh….

And now slowly and steady but I am recovering from that trauma.

Ammm final words…

I still have the same amount of feeling and the same amount of Love for you but now I hardly feel a damn to repeat that entire same thing in front of you. And the worst of all is that you know I still Love you.

Its Love, its Love that makes the world go round

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